CCTV Camera Inspection

Drain Maintenance

Most blocked drains develop slowly and go unnoticed until a blockage occurs, causing unnecessary mess and in some cases subsidence of soil. With a CCTV Camera Inspection, our camera is capable of accurately detecting pipework defects, whether its total collapse of a drain, root intrusion or fractures of pipework or fittings we will be able to take preventative action so that no further damage to your pipework persists.

We believe that it is cost effective to have a CCTV Camera Inspection done followed by a repair of any damage pinpointed by the camera, than to allow faults to go undetected and develop into much larger problems.

Residential Services

Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECOC)
Electrical maintenance
Repairing all household wiring issues
Prepaid Meter Installations
Electric Inspections
Outdoor & Security Lighting

Unblocking of Drains With CCTV Camera Inspections
Leaking Pipes and waterproofing

Commercial Services

Air-conditioner Re-wiring
24hr emergency electrician
Commercial, Industrial & Residential Electrical & Plumbing Maintenance
Geyser Repair and Maintenance
Commercial, Industrial & Residential Electrical Maintenance
Unblocking of Drains With CCTV Camera Inspections
Leaking Pipes and waterproofing

Industrial Services

Industrial Services

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