• Electrician in Cape Town will provide you with a valid ECOC for both your premises and electrical fencing.

    9 Dec 2016 | Blog | admin

    The Electrical Installation Regulations that came into effect in 2009 makes it compulsory for any seller of property to be in possession of a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC), and there are no exceptions to this rule, unless you sell your property within two years of purchase as an ECOC is only valid for two years, however, if you intend keeping your property for longer than that, you will not require an ECOC.

    Electrician in Cape Town has a team of master electricians who are qualified and certified to inspect and verify that all electrical work and installations that have been completed on your property are in accordance with the regulations that are required by the South African National Standards.

    As certified electricians we are able to provide electrical certificates of compliance, and should you require any remedial work done prior to the issuing of an ECOC, such as electrical repairs to geysers and stoves, or to fix wiring and changing certain plugs or light fittings, our team of professionals will ensure that all electrical work carried out is of the highest standard possible.

    Our team at Electrician in Cape Town services all of Cape Town and surrounding areas, and will carry out the necessary inspections efficiently at very reasonable rates. Our skilled electricians will ensure that you have the original copy of the ECOC, which is important to keep for your records, while Electrician in Cape Town will safeguard a duplicate which can also be supplied to the ECBSA (Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa) should this be required.

    If you have installed electric fencing as a security measure, you will also need an Electrical Fence System Compliance Certificate if it was installed after 1 October 2012, and the certified electricians from Electrician in Cape Town are the experts to call on should you plan on selling your property.  As with an ECOC, the Electrical Fence System Compliance Certificate is also only valid for two years and is required when any alterations or additions are carried out to the fence, especially if you plan to sell your property.

    Call on our team of master electricians at Electrician in Cape Town for a free, no obligation quote, wherever you are in Cape Town, we will inspect your premises, whether it is for your home or business premises, you can be confident in our professional ability to provide you with proof that your electrical installations are fully compliant with regulations.

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