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We A Professional Plumbing Group

We specialize in bathroom renovations and assist our clientele with their designs. Our maintenance teams are of top quality and we strive to provide our clients with and efficient service. We repair and replace geysers, Solar installations, general household plumbing maintenance and repairs and new installations.
Plumbing and Electrician in cape town is amongst the leading construction plumbing companies in the industry. Over the years we have carried out extensive plumbing contracts in and around the Western Cape. All material used are SABS approved and we strive to maintain a high quality of workmanship. We endeavor to provide a professional service to our clients whilst working in a safe and healthy workplace.
As part of our on-going service to our clientele, we have a dedicated drain-cleaning crew. Electrician in Cape Town provides a 24-hr round the clock service attending to blockages. We offer not only general drain-cleaning but high pressure jetting as well. We have also, in keeping up with demand, now acquired a drain camera which provides video images assisting in locating breaks etc visually.

We Offer A Full Line Of Services For All Your Plumbing

Company Mission

We have met the rigorous criteria so you can be assured of an excellent installation and service.

All our solar hot water installations are PIRB Compliant (Plumbing Industry Registration Board). This means that they are in accordance with SANS 1307, SANS 10254 and all other relevant national standards.

We can issue a PIRB COC. This is a requirement for all new builds and renovations where a Certificate of Occupancy must be issued by the City of Cape Town.

The high pressure geysers are sourced from South African manufactures and are specifically designed to operate in high radiation environments.

Each system consists of a geyser and a panel. The geyser capacity is determined by the number of people in the household, and the size or combination of panels is determined by the surface area to water volume ratio. Xstream Geysers are available in 150lt, 200lt and 300lt capacity. High pressure, 400kPa horizontal cylinders. The Xstream Geyser has a solid, high strength, corrosion resistant Derakane® Epoxy Vinyl Ester inner tank. Durakane® is used globally in the storage of high temperature (above 100ºC) liquids. The product also has a proven track record under high pressure and carries a 7-year warranty. Durakane® is Food and Drug approved for use in the storage of potable water.

The advantage of using geysers made of this material are:

  1. Tank is corrosion free and electrolysis free
  2. No need for an anode, and thus saving on the resulting maintenance costs
  3. The resin is a poor conductor of heat, minimizing heat loss at night
  4. High density polyurethane foam injected between the inner tank and outer glass reinforced UV stable gelcoat casing, forms a chemical bond that results in a solid, rigid insulation barrier around the inner tank

Why Choose Us

Our team of plumbers are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a trustworthy and professional service. Our aim is to uphold high standards of workmanship in all areas of work, whether it be replacing a tap washer or completely renovating a bathroom.

You can be assured of FAST, FRIENDLY & RELIABLE SERVICE!

We strive to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, the environment and our surrounds

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