Faulty Electrical Wall Plugs

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Faulty Electrical Wall Plugs

Appliances, lighting, extension cords and TV`s plug into to supply power. However, these devices have their share of problems over the years. As with any other device in your home, over time, the device will wear out from years of service and require replacement at some point

To determine whether it needs replacement, you first need to know the warning signs of a faulty electrical plug, here is a look at the many things that can go wrong with an electrical wall plug in your home.
Faulty Electrical plugs, What to look for:

Since electrical wall plugs do not move and they are a fixed device, they have no moving parts. Electrical wall plugs have metal contact points for the live neutral and ground connections that, over time, begin to wear and loosen their gripping power that holds cords in tightly.

A common problem with electrical wall plugs is also loose wiring on the connection points of the terminals of the electrical wall plug. A loose wire will also make for a bad connection and cause an unusual amount of heat build-up. Loose connections can also cause sparking in the DB board that can result in arcing

Remember, things like overloaded circuits can weaken and damage an electrical wall plug and this can lead to electrical fires. If you haven’t checked your electrical system, give us a call on 067-071-9472 to get them checked for tension, cracks, and signs of bad connections before they cause severe damage to you or your home.

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You’ll likely see burn marks around the terminals if this happens, it is likely an electrical fire in the works if not corrected immediately. Do not put your family in danger! These electrical wall plugs can be safety hazards and are replaceable. Vibrations, lack of someone tightening the terminal screws effectively, can all contribute to the terminal connections. You should be especially careful when using aluminium wire for electrical connections.

Electrical wall plugs life span often depends on the amount of use they receive and the quality of the electrical socket. There are different grades of electrical wall plugs that make a big difference on how long they last. Of course, the professional grade electrical wall plug produced today is much better with a heavier duty contact area.

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