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Gate Motors Since 2005, Electrician in Cape Town has been the go-to electrician for the Western Cape area. Whether you’re having trouble with your Gate Motor, Faulty Lights, DB board or require a FREE no obligation quote, we do it all! Call us at 067-071-9472 for reputable service, not trial and error.


Our services include:

Installations, repairs, and servicing of Gate Motors and intercom systems. Both Nice Hansa and Centurion motors have been on the South African market for many years. They are reliable, fast and will offer you many years of operation…

remote8 300x225 Gate Motors   24/7remote8 1024x768 Gate Motors   24/7
Remotes 300x247 Gate Motors   24/7Remotes Gate Motors   24/7

We will refurbish motors, do upgrades and supply remote controls.

We work on both swing and slide gates. We use only the best products on the market.

We will also change your motor to battery backup.


We specialize in Nice Hansa and Centurion (heavy duty and normal) swing and slide gates. It is important that a reliable, good quality motor is used, one that has spares and parts readily available.

Other factors to consider when choosing a motor are battery backup, speed, safety and convenience during a power failure.


Both Nice Hansa and Centurion motors are stocked by well-established local companies who have been operating for many for many years. They are therefore reliable, fast and provide motors that will offer you many years of operation.

CP84SM2A1E CP84 Switch Mode Charger cednturion Gate Motors   24/7CP84SM2A1E CP84 Switch Mode Charger cednturion Gate Motors   24/7
tidm bidir 400 12 tidm bidir 400 12 board photo 300x200 Gate Motors   24/7tidm bidir 400 12 tidm bidir 400 12 board photo Gate Motors   24/7

Popular automatic gate motors that we recommend include:

  • Centurion electric gate
  • Centurion gate automation
  • Centurion gate openers
  • Centurion gate remote
  • Centurion sliding gate
  • Centurion swing gate
  • D5 gate motors
  • D5 Evo motors
  • Centurion D3
  • Centurion D5
  • Centurion D10
  • Centurion Vector
  • Centurion R series range
  • Nice Hansa Speedo
  • Nice Hansa Deluxe 1 & 2
  • Nice Hansa Elite models
  • Nice Hansa gate motors
  • Nice Hansa products
  • Nice Hansa systems
  • Old Hansa motors
  • Nice Hansa automation
  • Elite driveway gate operators
  • Elite gate operator
  • Nice Hansa electric gate controller connections
  • Nice Hansa elite swing gate connections

There are many gate motors on the market, most of them imported. The main problem with most of them is that there are simply too many for us to keep all the parts and also to be experts on all of them. For this reason, we prefer to stick to the two main local motors for which we carry all the parts and are very experienced with. They are the Centurion and Hansa range. They have both, like us, been in the industry for many years.



With many years of experience in the industry, we here at Fix Xperts also offer our clients the best repair services on broken and damaged gates, garage doors, fences and automated motors.

If in an unfortunate event damage was caused on your property or a motor has stopped functioning correctly, you can contact us for a quotation on any gate or garage door repairs.

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