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Causes of Leaking Pipes

Clogged Lines. …
Corrosion. …
Damaged Pipe Joints. …
Excess Water Pressure. …
Intruding Tree Roots. …
Loose Water Connectors. …
Rapid Temperature Changes.

Burst Pipe
Plumbing emergency
Causes of burst pipes

Pressure problems

Burst Geyser
Plumbing emergency Burst Geyser
Causes of burst Geyser

Faulty thermostat
Sediment build-up
Rust corroding the tank
Too much internal pressure
Faulty pressure valve

What to do in a Plumbing emergency before you call a Plumber

Sooner or later most homeowners will experience some type of plumbing emergency. Understanding what to do when a problem occurs will make the plumbing emergency much easier to deal with.One of the worst things a person sometimes has to endure is a plumbing emergency in their home. Whether it be a burst pipe or blocked toilet it can be pretty upsetting when it happens as the regular home owner usually has very little knowledge of what to do or how to handle a plumbing emergency problem and fix the issue quickly. Also if all plumbing emergencies were the same it would help as you would just need to follow the same steps to sort the problem out. Unfortunately this is not the case as there a many common things that may go wrong with the plumbing in your home and each problem has a different solution. Here are some helpful things you can do to minimize the damage.
Locate the water shut-off valve.

This is located next to your water meter. Once you have located your water meter, the valve next to it will be the water shut-off valve. By turning off the shut-off valve, you will stop all water from entering your home, thus minimizing water damage.

After you have shut-off the water supply, it is also a good idea to open all sink faucets to drain the water from the pipes to further minimize damage.
Then, immediately call Electrician in Cape Town Plumbing Emergency on 067-071-9472

Reputable, professional plumbers can usually send a technician out in a few hours.

Follow any instructions given to you by the plumber, while you wait for them to arrive

Remove excess water while waiting for the plumber.

It is also a good idea to use a mop, rags or paper towels to remove excess water, to help keeping water damage to a minimum.

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