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Geyser Elements and Thermostats Replacement

They are a crucial safety feature and can save lives by preventing electrical fires.

Pool & Borehole Pumps Motor Repairs and Replace

Keep your aquatic systems running smoothly with expert repairs and replacement of pool and borehole pump motors.

LED Security Lighting Repairs & Replacement

Enhance security with functional and energy-efficient LED lighting, backed by our expert repair and replacement services.

Solar and Inverter Installation

Embrace sustainable energy solutions with our professional installation services for solar panels and inverters.

Earth Leakage Replacement

Ensure safety and prevent electrical hazards by replacing faulty earth leakage components promptly.

Distribution Box Repairs & Replacement

Maintain a reliable power supply with our services for repairing and replacing distribution boxes in residential and commercial settings.

Industrial & Residential, Commercial Maintenance

Keep your industrial, residential, and commercial spaces in top condition with our comprehensive maintenance solutions.

New Installation & Renovations

Bring your spaces to life with our expertise in new installations and renovations, ensuring functionality and compliance.

Retail Installation

Illuminate your retail space with precision and efficiency through our expert electrical installation services.


Upgrade and optimize your electrical systems with our professional rewiring services for enhanced safety and performance.

Downlights Installation & Repairs

Create ambient lighting with downlights, expertly installed and repaired to enhance your interior spaces.

Complex Lighting

Illuminate residential complexes with sophisticated lighting solutions designed for both aesthetics and functionality.

Street Lights

Ensure public safety and visibility with our street light installation and maintenance services.

Day & Night Sensor Timer Installation & Repairs

Enhance energy efficiency and security with expert installation and repair of day and night sensor timers.

Body Corporate Inspections & Maintenance

Safeguard multi-unit properties with our specialized inspections and maintenance services tailored for body corporates.

Stove & Oven Repairs

Keep your kitchen running smoothly with our reliable repairs for stoves and ovens, ensuring optimal performance.

Gate Motors Repairs, Replace, Programming

Secure your property with functional gate motors – we offer repairs, replacement, and programming services for seamless operation.

Shop Front Display Lighting & Signage

Attract customers with captivating lighting and signage solutions, meticulously installed and maintained for your shop front.

Circuit Breaker Replacement and Upgrade

Enhance electrical safety and performance by replacing and upgrading circuit breakers as needed.

Plugs & Lights New Installation, Replace, and Repair

Trust us for the expert installation, replacement, and repair of plugs and lights to meet your specific requirements.


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Usb Sockets

Electrical outlets with built-in USB ports that allow users to charge.

Circuit Breaker

They are a safety feature and can save lives by preventing fires.


Useful devices that convert mechanical into electrical energy.

Lighting Installation

Installed, maintained and repaired lighting fixtures for clients.

Surge Protection

It helps protect electrical devices from damage due high voltage.

Solar Panel

Increasingly popular way to generate electricity from the sun.